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hey pple. sorry for not updating my blog..
pai sey ahh

i'll show you pics from taiwan soon alright.

meanwhile cheers

Andre'a chew @ 1:00 PM
"Sorry also must exprain"


the haze is so terrible. gosh. i can bearly see a thing outside my five room apartment.

its like genting higlands. except that the somky effect is the haze and not the mist. gosh.

its like the movie. the fog. so chilly and 'cold'. bruekkkk. i'm shivering. its so cold.

omgsh. massive food poisioning in two schoools. its so scary and horrible.
so many things are happening around us. ahhhh.

(o and 11 points thats what i wana achieve for 'o's. so I will seldom post or update my blog alright. will con't to update it after 'o' levels . o and laksa rocks !!!! )


Andre'a chew @ 9:29 AM
"Sorry also must exprain"


life in sec 4 e4

Andre'a chew @ 4:51 PM
"Sorry also must exprain"

it was so super hilarious.
went to riz house. party. chilling.
ate KFC. super deilicious.
we dances. make films. did different dance moves. gosh. great fun man.


Andre'a chew @ 4:46 PM
"Sorry also must exprain"


Are you enjoying your life?
Are you spending your time, every mins and every sec, blissfully?
what is life to you?

( post your answers or comments to the tagboard)

Andre'a chew @ 1:40 PM
"Sorry also must exprain"


when over to riz house today.
met wani riz and aiz at the bustop. they all brought their stuff except for me.
i went into the house. so cool. so retro kind.
we ordered pizzar.
fadlul came.
later wati and huda came. ainul, the latest. she watch her taiwan drama ma
ordered canadian pizzar.
fried nggets and french fries. there were 5 pple doing that job.
we danced to the song 'fast and furious'.
instructor, me
dances were wani wati and fad.
clown was riz.
so super cool and fun and excellent.
dance works nxt yr
watch 'the fog'
went home.
end of day.
tmr 430. hw time.

Andre'a chew @ 11:58 PM
"Sorry also must exprain"


nasi lemak, singapore's popular food icon. the sambal. wahhhh the best.
one thing nice about wan ton mee is the noodles and the wan ton. the wanton is very crispy with all the fillings inside and the noodles., they are so QQ
after desert, confirm must and need ice kachang. to cool off all those steam piping foodie!
oooo i simply love these mouth-watering hot sensation laksa....

all the

Andre'a chew @ 3:08 PM
"Sorry also must exprain"

hokkien prawn mee. one of my fav.
ooooo singapore's popular food icon. chicken rice...
:)omgsh, just sizzle with the lime over the fried chicken
chee kuek, woo the chilli is so hot hot...

Andre'a chew @ 2:59 PM
"Sorry also must exprain"

Andre'a chew @ 2:42 PM
"Sorry also must exprain"

oh my god. i was shocked and trumatised after learning the death of Steve Irwin.

i was watching his show yesterday. the show i watched portrays him and his wife together with their daughter on film. Steve is such a great guy. A person full of enthusiasm and 'dare-devil' stunts, i salute you. it is indeed a huge loss to australia and singapore. you're a great guy steve. may you rest in peace.

people, you can do your part. log on to bbc.com and post your comment about steve irwin, this great guy. do your bit. pray that may this world be a better place for all of us to live in.

my deepest condolence to steve irwin and his family.

Andre'a chew @ 10:24 AM
"Sorry also must exprain"


+ = cute and fit?!?!?!
have you ever think you're fat?? want to shed away those extra fats away? tried many slimming pills and still there is no effect on you???

well dont worry coz we have the solutions to you!!!. try dreas remote control. it works.

simply by pushing the 'go' button, you will lost those fat immediately. isnt that amazing or what.!!

plus, we will include a chocolate bar.

brought to you by drea's co pte ltd. ( its just a joke)

Andre'a chew @ 9:35 AM
"Sorry also must exprain"

singapore's very own reality show, the dance floor is full of dancing and happiness. so people, wear your dancing shoes and get cheg-gi and let the party begin.!!!
shoes can be purchase at the front desk counter. each pair of shoes cost 5 bucks. popcorn machine and candy bars are avaliable too.

brought to you by drea's co. pte ltd

Andre'a chew @ 9:29 AM
"Sorry also must exprain"

i know, it has been a really long time since i was update my blog. i was busy people . sorry about that. anyway, i got cool and interesting pics i want to show you. take a look at these.
a hamster with a rat's mouth appearance?!?!?

have you ever see 5 THUMBS on a hand?!?!?

look at these frog, is she cute or what...

Andre'a chew @ 9:14 AM
"Sorry also must exprain"

Hello Uncle...Bah Chor Mee one. I want chilli plus tur Kwa plus can I watch your CCTV playback of Jeff Lopez...=D

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